Tax Strategies

Our Wealth Management Approach

An Approach Designed For You…

Investment advice for managing wealth is essential, however it is just one part of wealth management. Also essential is managing your finances, minimizing taxes, planning for retirement, or structuring an estate in a tax-efficient manner.

All of these different aspects of managing wealth are connected, we will create a comprehensive wealth management strategy that addresses your financial concerns at each stage of life.

Stage 1: Wealth Accumulation

Growing Assets

We create strategies to help you achieve your key financial goals, including planning for retirement, funding a child’s education or preparing for a major purchase.

Stage 2: Wealth Protection

Maintaining Assets

We help you manage risk to protect your family income, maintain your independence, enhance your lifestyle and preserve family unity.

Stage 3: Converting Wealth

Creating an income stream

We find ways to reduce taxes and maximize after-tax retirement income. We determine how best utilize your assets, to create the most tax efficient income stream.

Stage 4: Wealth Transfer

Creating a legacy

Working with your other advisors we help to create a legacy for your family and charity. Ensuring that tax obligations and debts are taken care of.